About Us

Acme Organics Private Limited, a company of high repute is engaged in manufacture and formulation of wide range of Agrochemicals, House-Hold Insecticides and Veterinary products.

Established in 1995 Acme has reached at ‘Acme’ in the field by satisfying their customers and the farming communities under the stewardship of Mr. A. J. Ansari, a renowned figure in pesticide industries with a proven track record of about three decades in quality management, administration and technical know-how. It is indeed our privilege that we have been accredited with ISO 9001-2008 certification.

Future Vision
Search for safer and environment friendly formulations.
Develop large net-work in domestic and international markets.
Increase thrust on R&D for development of new molecules and safer formulations.
Extend our formulation facilities to multinational companies to add new products in our range.
Search for association with foreign companies.

The achievement is the result of the conscientious and sustained efforts of our all valued employees and customers and we believe that this quality initiative will prepare us to meet future challenges.



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